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The company MANAGEMENT PARTNERS exists since the year 1997. Your consultants are all-rounder and have, in addition to their exceeding knowledge about consulting, (business) economic, technological and IT skills. This is the reason why we are able to adapt perfectly to the various tasks which are given by our customers and why we are able to create sustainable ideas for the benefit of our customer.

Futhermore MANAGEMENT PARTNERS stay in contact with a certain number of network cooperations from different fields of business. For skills, which are not accomplished by the main team, there are interdisciplinary teams built, who are in response to find a solution to your task.

MANAGEMENT PARTNERS cooperate with universities for applied sciences and universities. Consequently we connect gained experience with theoretical background of science and research.

Aspects of the corporate world and the interaction between the involved parties are considered much more carefully than the generally used standard stipulates.

MANAGEMENT PARTNERS see themselves as support of management. With our customers together we improve their company value sustainably.

Our senior-consultants gained a lot of practical experience in successful project leadership and management as well as restructuring and acquisition because of their international management work at industrial companies for several years. 

Social and technical skills of our involved consultants are evidenced by the awareness for the desires of our customers and by the sensitive dealing with the execution of these desires.

In our team we compensate one another and we provide our customers creativity and the necessary drive.