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Do you know, which targets you don’t want to pursue?

Knowledge of potentials and realistic assessments of chances and risks protect against unexpected danger. With a deliberately chosen, understandably formulated strategy you lay the foundations for a sustainable company focus.

Management Partners support you in:

  • Finding perspectives, chances and risks
  • Analysing of the environment and possibilities of change
  • Working out different scenarios
  • Assessing and defining your company strategy
  • Determining implementation measures
  • Establishing a business plan
  • Justifying the strategical marketing


 The scenario technique is a planning procedure which uses the strategical planning for the development of alternative future images during a long period, which should help to combine isolated imaginations of positive and negative changes concerning single factors of development in the future into comprehensive images and models.

Scenarios are neither forecasts, where quantitative information of the present and the past are resorted and where extrapolations in the future, among perpetuation of current strategies and behavioural assumptions,ensue , nor unrealistic utopias and imaginations, like they have developed within “future workshops” for example. With the scenario technique are quantitative data and information connected with qualitative assessments, statements and information. Consequently there arises a result within one or more possible future prospects , which considers all aspects of the system. In general there are three main types of scenarios developed.

  •  best-case-sceanrio
  • worst-case-scenario
  • trend-extrapolation

 Strategical marketing

 Strategical marketing includes all activities, which deal with the analyse of the strategical initial situation of the company, as well as with the formulation, assessment, selection and implementation of “market driven” strategies and which contribute consequently to the achievement of the “company goals”.


Only developing and producing optimal products often doesn’t seem to be enough, to shape the future. The quality and uniqueness of your products have to be communicated. In this case marketing is much more than only a vogue expression. Successful marketing is the consequent and target group specific communication with your customers. Organized acting and client oriented concepts establish your products successfully in the market.

  • Innovative marketing
  •  Marketing-mix
  • Positioning and distinction
  • Main focus on the customer
  • Identification of new target groups
  •  Acquiring new customers
  •  Keep already excisting customers