Main content

the components

  • ICOsys-staff: the human resources information system
  • ICOsys-time: the time tracking tool with clock
  • ICOsys-org: the organization management tool
  • ICOsys-quality: the quality management system
  • ICOsys-infra: the logistic and resources system

the functionality

  • ICOsys-staff: the human resources information system
    • personnel administration - employee master data, assignment contracts, documents, certificates, training records
    • recording of services
    • human ressources process management (e.g. application management)
    • crew scheduling
  • ICOsys-time: the time tracking tool with clock
    • record working time
    • evaluate working time and holidays
    • prepare for wages calculation
  • ICOsys-org: the organization management tool
    • design organisational structure and hierarchies
    • define internal clients, cost centers, e.g.
  • ICOsys-quality: the quality management system
    • customer relation management
    • quality management system
    • management of assessment and diagnostic catalogues, drug catalogues, e.g.
    • management of service specifications and pricelists
  • ICOsys-infra: the logistic and resources system
    • manage transportaion services
    • inventory management