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 ICOsys by MANAGEMENT PARTNERS is a new software system for social and healthcare sector. The system affords an individual needs assessment, an individual achievement plan and performance accounting. If requested, also with rates which depend on a certain level of assistance.

The current range of functions, which is developed constantly, includes the following fields of work:

  • Customer documentation in all essential fields (education – healthcare – therapy – medicine)

  • Individual future plan with the components – individual resources – individual personality profile – individual development plan – individual planning of measures – evaluation

  • Customer administration, including fiduciary deposits, personal property, assignment management, etc.


The innovation

The object of reflection of the planning and documentation structure of ICOsys by MANAGEMENT PARTNERS ist the social system, the psychological system and the biological system. This total reflection leads to an optimal understanding of health, illness and disability – a multidimensional occurrence with mutual impacts.


The holistic view

The customers are seen, together with their attachment figures from their families and/or from their social environment, as a complex and a unique entirety. They are not reduced to single facts (for example: diagnosis and condition), for which it is necessary to find solutions.


The comprehensive reflection of structure

 The collective structure and language in all components of documentation ensures a multi-structural and need-oriented point of view of the customers and affords the single departments to develop a collective image of the person.


The dialogical work process 

The client oriented procedures are built in a way so that dialogical processes are provided by the system.


The dual work method

There is not always a complete penetration by computer assisted working requested or by being available on call. ICOsys by MANAGEMENT PARTNERS provides the possibility of creating individual forms by computer as planned in the system, which then are manually acknowledged by the person executing the service.


The international system

Comprehensive analyses require a clear, in general accepted system for all levels of documentation. ICOsys by MANAGEMENT PARTNERS orientate themselves by the “International Classification of the Functioning, Disability and Health” of the WHO.


The individualisation

A comprehensive collective system doesn’t mean, that single departments have to abandon their specific language. ICOsys by MANAGEMENT PARTNERS brings all those departments together.


The improvement of work processes

The collective data structure of ICOsys by MANAGEMENT PARTNERS promotes a tight collaboration of the departments and of the administration and at the same time it supports high quality work and economic improving similarly.

The target orientation and evalutation

The system supports a logical sequence of evaluating the resources – target planning – planning of measures – service provision - documentation – evaluation and ensures the optimal client oriented service provision. As a consequence there is a way to afford an effective controlling of service provision and a procedure that supports the continuous improvement.