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optimized processes

Excellent systemic support in daily work assists to improve quality of work and to optimize the efforts for indirect processes like planning, documenting, etc.


The consolidated language and the target oriented processes of ICOsys support creation of an interdisciplinary identity. The "International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health" (ICF) by the WHO supports in an effective way.

proactive acting

The planning and controlling tools of ICOsys optimize the allocation of employees and resources. Involvement of the clients and their social system makes the needs and possibilities of the person concerned transparent and anticipatable. 


ICOsys not only supports the departments working in close connection to the clients, like medicin, care, pedagogics, therapy, work assistance, living assistance, outpatient care, etc. Also central departments of administration can be incorporated. ICOsys integrates itself into every present and future IT-landscape. 

quality management

Permanent evaluation of client oriented processes allow for continuous improvement. A complete quality management module - ready for certification if required - is part of ICOsys.

scalability of the system

The modular architecture of ICOsys allows for accurate adjustments to your needs. You only buy what you need. The functionality can be increased anytime.